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Legal Disclaimer

All materials on are copyrighted. This means that the logo, the word "MAN Truck & Bus," all of the vehicle names and all copy or slogans are registered trademarks. None of these items can be used without the prior written permission of MAN Truck & Bus South Africa (Pty) Ltd. The information published on this Web site is for general information purposes only and is not binding on MAN Hatfield Truck & Bus or MAN Truck & Bus of South Africa.

Users of our Web site will have no claim against MAN Hatfield Truck & Bus or MAN Truck & Bus South Africa arising from changes to, errors in and/or revision of the contents of the Web site. If you want the truth and nothing but the truth, contact MAN Hatfield Truck & Bus or MAN Truck & Bus South Africa and/or the Franchise Dealer to verify any information. If you want to send us an e-mail, go to Contact Us. The products and programs mentioned on are intended for use in the South African market. MAN Hatfield Truck & Bus and MAN Truck & Bus South Africa is not liable for any damages suffered by anyone who uses

Thank you for visiting MAN Hatfield Truck & Bus on the World Wide Web. MAN Hatfield Truck & Bus respects responsible driving and the use of seat belts at all times on the road. Safe travelling!

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